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Do you provide internet conectivity?

Yes. We are an ISP (Internet Service Provider). We specialise in providing internet connections that are not only fast and affordable, but more secure than those provided by our competitors. This service is called Safenet and we have an entire site dedicated to it.

What speed connections can you do?

We can provide a full range of connection speeds, but generally we do 100 / 100 (100Mb upload and 100Mb download) for home connections and either 200 / 200 or 500 / MAX for businesses.  We can do connections of up to 4Gb depending on your location.  Before we connect you, we’ll always have a discussion with you about what you’ll use the connection for so we can best advise you as to which plan best suits. Unlike the big ISP’s, we are extremely flexible and can customise a plan to exactly meets your needs.

Do your connections come with a static ip address?

Not by default, but if you need a static IP address we can certainly accommodate that.

What do your plans cost?

Plans range from as little as $65 per month, but of course it is totally dependent on the speed and data allowance you need and the level of security that you want.  More details are available on the Safenet web site or you can just call us on 0800 367 321 for more info.

We can’t get fibre in our area – can you help?

Possibly. We can try and put pressure on Chorus to get you hooked up to the fibre network, but as you probably know, Chorus are an immovable behemouth.  But if we can’t shift them, we can at least try and maximise the usability and speed of a copper based connection.

How does the security aspect work?

Like all good security models, Safenet takes a multi layered approach, some of which are there as preventative measure and some of which are there to enable recovery in the event of a disaster. Exactly what is included in the service depends on the security plan that you choose, but these are some of the basic components:

  1. Secure DNS – DNS (Domain Name Service) is the means by which computer translate human friendly names like ‘’ into computer friendly IP addresses. Our Secure DNS service checks those IP addresses against a database of known dodgy addresses and if there’s a hit redirects the user to a warning page. This prevents the user from going to known dodgy sites and also means if the bad guy gets into your system cannot ‘phone home’.
  2. Managed AntiVirus – based on the award winning Bit Defender anti-virus product, Managed Antivirus comes with all Safenet plan above Safenet 0. We will make sure it is installed on your computers, and while we’re at it we’ll do a security check up on all your PC’s.
  3. A Secure Router – A router is a device that connects your network to the internet.  Its also known as a gateway. We use the centrally managed Unifi Security Gateway or Unifi Dream Machine Pro These are high speed routers with a built in firewall and threat management system.
  4. Email anti-spam and virus filtering – most breaches begin with an email.  So filtering your emails before they get to you makes a lot of sense.  Our filtering system will get rid of 99% of spam or malicious emails.

How do i sign up?

Just give us a call on 0800 367 321 or fill out the form on the contact us page