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What systems do you provide?

Our telephone system is called Apteryx.  It is based on the award winning VoIP 3CX PBX software, and Grandstream IP telephone handsets.  It is one of the most flexible, cost effective telephone systems out there and is packed with all the features you would expect from a top end telephone system.

How does it work?

The 3CX software runs on a small device (about the size of a pack of cards) that we plug into your network.  This device, the Apteryx PBX, does two main things.  Firstly it connects you outbound phone line to the wider world and secondly it connects the telephone handsets to the outbound lines.  It also handles a bunch of other jobs like voicemail and voice menus. 

What is VoIP exactly?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol). It is a means of sending an analog signal like your voice over a digital medium like the internet.  Just think of it a way of making phone calls over the internet. 

What does it cost?

Costs are dependent on the situation and vary according to a number of factors – how many lines you have, how many telephone handsets you have, what your call volume is like and so on.  However the most basic offering – a single VoIP line and one telephone handset would cost around $50 per month assuming an average level of calls.

So the PBX, the phone handsets and the calls are all included in the monthly fee?

Exactly right.  The calls, the line rental, the phones themselves and the Apteryx PBX are all included in the monthly cost.

Can it do multiple simultaneous calls?

Yes. The base package can do 4 simultaneous calls. We can increase that as necessary.  It can also do multiple inbound lines.  This means that if you had 4 extensions, all 4 could be making a call at the same time on the same outbound number.

What about free phone numbers?

Yes.  the system can handle both 0508 and 0800 freephone numbers.

would i have to change my numbers?

No.  We would simply take over your existing numbers.  This process is called a number ‘port’ and is very simple.  we would do all of that for you.

Can it handle multiple branches?

Yes.  One of the strengths of the Apteryx PBX is that it allows for for the phone handsets (i.e. extensions) to be on multiple remote sites.  This means that you could have a X number of extensions in one location and X more in any number of other locations, including your home office.  Calls can easily be transferred from one extension to another regardless of where that extension is physically located.