About Us

Our History

Computerforce has been succesfully trading and growing since 2002 where two staff from a succesfull IT company wanted to drastically improve on the customer support levels that could not be be met within the existing infrastructure and policy they were limited to work within.

Since starting with two staff in Februry 2002 the company has gone on to experience amazing growth and developed some wonderful realtionships with customers, not to mention purchasing outright that previous company, Mobile Computer Doctor (1996) 5 years later in 2007!!

We are especially thrilled to have retained those clients to this day! 

The direct success and growth of Computerforce is attributable to one key policy.

  • The emphasis being placed on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients rather than the short term, reactive, break / fix atitude most IT companies offer...

Computerforce was founded by those two previous Mobile Computer Doctor staff to specifically fill the void in the market that is traditionally served by engineers who by thier nature tend to focus on the repair immediately in front of them (engineer mentaility) and not the long term picture or relationship with the client and their business (ongoing relationship focus).

Computerforce turns that industry standard around and focuses specfically on the onging relationship by providing our clients with not only great, knowledgeable and friendly technical staff (WITH that engineer mentaility) but an account manaer and an office / call center ready to offer advice, provide ongoing support or to simply make a booking at a a scheduled time. Our support office have account managers and office staff readily available and technicians that work to a planned schedule with a targeted onsite response time of less than half a day of a reported problem and sooner if required.

In addition to a great technical team, Computerforce also provide experienced account managers to clients that feel they could cut costs and benefit from discussing and planning their IT requirements rather than just reactively having a technician come out when a problem occurs. Planned Growth, Life Cycle of Equipment, Network Infrastructure, Server and Cloud requirements will all benefit from a long term focus. This provides our clients with the tools to reduce ongoing costs, enhance cashflow and better manage thier long term requirements and goals with experienced sales / support advice and is managed proactively by the professional sales support engineer assigned to them.

  •  Computerforce takes key account management extremely seriously and as such this role is fulfilled specifically by the company directors.

Our Philosophy

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing any hardware, software or service is the upgrade path for the future. We are continuously doing everything possible to maintain a future perspective for our customers and thier needs. We provide and plan a logical IT path for everything we sell and offer. This might be as simple as a warranty path for a basic printer all the way up to a corporate file server running on the cloud.

  • This assures our customers are getting the best return on their IT investment possible.


Our Dedication

We sincerely believe our customer is the number 1 priority for our business. We make it well known within our company that every customer is our most important customer.

  • We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insolvable problems. This is when our teams finest capabilities and postive nature surface!


Why Computer Force?

Computerforce’s range of products, skilled technical support, and most importantly, it's dedicated customer service are just a few of the things that set us apart from our competitors. We work very hard to ensure our technicians and IT hardware (servers, desktops notebooks etc)  will fill your needs now and grow with you in the future.

Our dedicated customer service team will work with you to ensure the process of buying and owning a Computerforce system be it a pc, network server, tablet or printer, is an enjoyable and ultimately rewarding experience and we have the technical support required to ensure it stays that way.


Try us, you won’t be disappointed!

Best regards,
Mark Collier, Managing Director
Office:  09 486 6605
Mobile: 021 757772



Choose us as your IT support partner and we guarantee you:

  • Urgent Response – We can be there within 4 hours or less, or book a time or day that better suits you.
  • Best Value for Money – Scheduled visit times and no unexpected or hidden costs.
  • Quality Professional Service – Our technicians have many years of experience and can present solutions you may not be aware of!.
  • The IDEAL IT Support Partner - for Home, Business or Corporate Level.
  • A Dedicated Team - who will quickly get to know your home or business requirements intimately – we are not a one man band, neither are we so large you never know who you are dealing with.
  • A Choice of General Servicing or Scheduled Maintenance - which will minimise downtime, reduce callouts and emergencies significantly reducing any IT costs.