VoIP Phones & Phone Systems Auckland

  • Would you like to see a 40-50% reduction in your monthly Telephone account?
    • Huge savings on National, International and Mobile rates.
    • Cloud or 3cx Host (pc/server) based PABX facilities.
  • Would you like to have a modern, fully Integrated Phone System?
    • Single phone lines for home use through to 20+ simultaneous calls for business/corporate.
    • Unlimited handsets or extensions.
    • Branch, home or mobile as a direct internal extension, Local, Nationally or Internationally.
    • For Home, Business or Corporate use.
  • Would you like to see a reduction in your Mobile Phone bill?
    • Changing to a VOIP system will usually result in decreased mobile costs.

“Cyclespot Group recently accepted Computerforce’s suggestion to upgrade the analogue phone system to a full VOIP system, they promised a lot…and I have to say we are really pleased with the call quality, the installation process and the savings of 50-60% off our previous monthly bill, which is slightly more than the 40-50% originally suggested. The added functionality, voice menu options, diversion if internet fails and ease of use between our branches has been fantastic. Highly recommended!” Sandra – Operations Manager, Cyclespot Group.

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Our VoIP Phone solutions are proven to offer the above and much, much more!

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  • Urgent Response – We can be there within 4 hours or less, or book a time or day that better suits you.
  • Best Value for Money – Scheduled visit times and no unexpected or hidden costs.
  • Quality Professional Service – Our technicians have many years of experience and can present solutions you may not be aware of!.
  • The IDEAL IT Support Partner - for Home, Business or Corporate Level.
  • A Dedicated Team - who will quickly get to know your home or business requirements intimately – we are not a one man band, neither are we so large you never know who you are dealing with.
  • A Choice of General Servicing or Scheduled Maintenance - which will minimise downtime, reduce callouts and emergencies significantly reducing any IT costs.